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We work directly with the small business owner to access their needs and challenges. New business ideas or active businesses, whichever stage the business is in, we go in to watch, access, and put a plan together to address the issues on hand.

Our extensive background in all aspects of business especially specializing in small businesses, gives us an advantage with being able to detect problems and put together solutions quickly. Most small businesses are run by the owner and he or she cannot do it all. Some know what to do, some don’t know what to do, but the common factor is none can do it all on their own. This is where we come in.

Our solutions come in different forms. Financial, systems and processes, digital marketing, and lead generation among other.

After we go in the business, discuss with the owner, and do our physical and online research, we put together a step-by-step plan on how to move forward.

Our solutions vary depending on the business needs. Most small businesses are lacking efficiencies and need support in multiple areas of the business.

An example of a process for a small business would be a Lead Generation Campaign.

Before we start a Lead Generation campaign, we have to ensure that all the steps in the funnel are covered internally if not included in our services. When a lead comes in, who from inside the business is following up? What kind of proposals or offers we do and how is the presentation like? Do we have proper CRM software to track all the lead activity? Do the sales people have the proper material, expertise and experience to sell whatever service they’re selling?

We dissect every aspect of the business to ensure we are maximizing productivity, and reducing the overall cost to the owner.


Identify Inefficiencies
Improve Productivity

Capitalize on low hanging fruit to quickly identify areas of inefficiencies in the business and put immediate measures to tackle them. Our work is fast and delicate, but some issues can be tackled right away for immediate increases in revenues or decreases in expenses.

Most small business owners fear the complexity and difficulty in doing minor changes or implementing systems whether they don’t have the time or are not technologically savvy. With our expertise we can put the right systems in place with proper training to make for a smooth transition.

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